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Things You Need To Know Before Watching Avengers : Age of Ultron

It's finally here. Avengers 2 is all set to break all the records and repeat the success of Multihero power packed Avengers. Even the Non-geeks are also as enthusiastic about the movie as some Marvel fans are (I am one of them ;-) Deude!! I can't control my emotions :D ) but If you have no idea about Marvel's different phases of Superhero movie production timespan then you could be out of sync at some point of time during the movie.

Yes, It has been a long journey for Marvel till now which will continue till 2019 as it seems from reports. This include Ironman series, THOR series and Captain America series and The Incredible Hulk. So for your better understanding of the movie, Let's take a recap of the Avengers like who is who and what causes what. ;-)


Anthony Stark, the CEO of Stark Industries who is also famous as Tony Stark is the IRONMAN (well, who doesn't know that ;-) thanks to Robert Downy Jr. for living the character on-screen). He's a self-proclaimed eccentric genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist (Remember that scene between Capt America and Stark).

2. Captain America

The first Avenger as people know him is Steve Rogers who was a World War 2 Soldier or say Super Soldier which he became because of a science experiment in which he received "Super Soldier Serum" and thus become the first avenger who had almost human physical perfection with speed, strength, agility and high intelligence. Not to forget his Super awesome Vibranium made Shield. :D

3. Hulk

SMASH!!!! the only signature activity to tell that We have Hulk on the ground. Result of the failure of the same scientific experiment which turned Steve Rogers into Captain America. That green skinned creature's normal stare is enough to scare you, Mind you!!! Basically he is a scientist who changes into Hulk whenever he's angry or his heart beats rapidly (All thanks to Gamma radiation exposure during replicating the Super Soldier Serum experiment).

4. Thor

Better known as God of Thunder, Thor is prince of Asgard (a fictional realm in the Marvel universe) and son of Odin. He has this super capable Hammer Called as  "Mjolnir" which gives him the power to control the weather and also ability to fly. Apart from hammer, he has his own strength, agility and endurance .He's the only member of Avengers who is not an earth-being.

5. Black Widow

Black Widow which is supposed to be an important and badass female character in Avengers 2 has many aliases and also known as "Natasha Romanoff". Before founding Avengers she was a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Though she's not a superhuman like any other Avenger, She's an expert and trained fighter, good conversationist (As we saw in Avengers 1 during interrogating Loki) and yeah, looks amazing as well ;-)

6. Hawkeye and Nick Fury 

In Marvel cinamatic universe, Hawkeye is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and founding member of The Avengers. Often called as Clint Barton (his name), He's no actual superpower but has developed his skills to be the world's greatest Marksman which you must have seen in Avengers.

Nick Fury is the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. who is responsible to create a superhero team (Avengers) to protect the earth from dangerous threats which can not be handled by Earth force.

7. Scarlet Witch and QuickSilver

Scarlet Witch and QuickSilver are siblings and biological children of Magneto (that X-Men guy who controls metal) who later become part of Avengers. She possesses different kind of psionic powers like Telekinesis, Hypnosis and Hex Bolts.

On the other hand, QuickSilver is the owner of Superhuman Speed and can run at extremely high, supersonic speeds. This gives him Superhuman reflexes.

8. Ultron 

Woah!!! Here comes the Boss of the Boss battle. In Marvel Comic universe Ultron has a different origin story but in Cinematic Universe, His origin has different treatment and his creator is none other than our very own Tony Stark aka IRONMAN. Stark built him basically as a peacekeeping program after witnessing and tackling Avengers incident.
In short He's an artificial Intelligence robot who is going to get better of Avengers. Apart from his robotic body and genius level intellect, He possesses Superhuman strength, stamina, durability and concussion blasters.

Pheww!!! Enough Said!!! Now why don't we go and enjoy the thrill and awesomeness which this movie is going to deliver. I bet It's gonna be Legen.... wait for it... dary :D So I'm gonna go and book my ticket.

Do let us know in comments what do you think about the movie and who's your favorite character. Do share among your friends who are new to this stuff ;-)


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