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Ink Spouts

What is Ink Spouts???

Ink Spouts (previously Ink Spout) , originally started with the name Black Flame in 2011 {with the vision of providing technical help and information along with personal views on today's life scenario} is a blog entirely dedicated towards Technology and Infotainment (simply informative entertainment).
Most of the time, It has been underground.
The basic idea behind this trans-platforming is that most of the present techblogs deals only with facebook , twitter and other related stuffs.

We, here, are trying to not only cover these things but go further beyond these things which a normal user should be aware of. and Apart from that, Now we are going to deal with lots of stuffs you gonna see on the website.

The name Ink Spouts basically depicts a continuous and strong streams of ink which in this digital space denotes the power of ink similarly as in real world.

So keep Reading Ink Spouts because "Knowledge is Power" {atleast in this Cyber Space (Internet World)}