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Identify Malicious links with & stay safe online

Most of the internet users who visit social meadia sites like twitter,digg heavily, often encounter with Shortened URLs. You usually come across such links from your trusted ones, but also from across the internet.
hence these shortened URLs become point of suspision as we don't know where we're heading until we get there and possibility of pranks or spams are pretty high.You could be made to compromise with your data if the link leads to malicious site.To prevent from happening that to you, here comes a handy tool Unshorten.It.

Below is the description on this Webapp's site :

Explaining Unshorten.It!

Is that short URL you're visiting REALLY going to contain cute kittens, or instead is it going to mug you and steal your wallet? Unshorten.It! takes any bullets for you, analysing the website for safety and letting you see it before you decide whether to proceed.
As well as telling you the URL that the link points to Unshorten.It! provides you with the title and description tags of the target web page, a screenshot of the target website, safety ratings provided by Web of Trust and will alert you if the website is found in the HPHosts blacklist.*

Unshorten.It is a cool webapp which will help you to determine the safety of the link by expanding it and fetching data from "Web of trust" server.All you have to do is simply copying and pasting the URL into the text bar and click "Unshorten.It!"

Then wait for a while till site processes your link. You will get the following details :

1. Title
2. Destination URL
3. Description
4. Screenshot of the destination (image thumbnail)
5. Safety Ratings (Provided by WOT)

Also, you can download and install Chrome Extension and Firefox Add-on to do the same task without visiting this site. Simply right click on the URL and choose "Unshorten it" from context menu. Just follow this link - Unshorten.It Extensions
Note : links are incompatible with this service - This is due to the way in which they redirect users and cannot be solved on this service's end.

I hope you enjoy this article and tip to stay safe online from malicious sites. ;)
Happy Browsing, Stay Safe. :-)

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