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Seamless Reading on Internet (Who needs those bulky Dictionaries?)

Many of us are fond of sticking to our system and keep surfing over the ocean of information (Internet - I know I exaggerated it :-P) and eating those chunks of articles, stories like a hungry man.
Often, there are situations when you pauses your reading just because of being unaware of the meaning of a particular word. Now you copy that word and paste it into any dictionary (if installed in your computer) or moreover in Google Search Box to know the meaning.
I know it’s pretty headache to do while reading something interesting.
So here is a simple neat and clean solution (for two most popular web browsers – Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox).

Google Chrome :

        Step 1. Go to this link Google Dictionary by clicking on it.
        Step 2. There will be a webpage looking like the below image.

             Step 3. Click on “Add to Chrome” and a dialogue box will open asking you to “install”. Click on “Install”.
             Step 4. Now you are done. While reading anything on internet, Simply Double click on a word and it’ll show the meaning in yellow balloon. It’s a simple as that.

     Mozilla Firefox : 
      There is no add-on for Mozilla Firefox like Google Chrome has Google Dictionary. But similar solution is there. :-D . It is “Wiktionary and Google Translate” add-on which gives you similar working as of Google Dictionary.

             Step 1. Follow this link Wiktionary and Google Translate by clicking on it.

              Step 2.  Click on “Add to Firefox” and now add-on will be downloaded and it’ll ask you to install it.

                Step 3.  Do as it says and your task is finished. Just double click on word and enjoy seamless reading.

     So this was all about getting word meaning and definitions while browsing and reading stuffs over internet.
I hope this article will help you. Specially the students and the reader community.
Happy Reading folks. :-)