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Reclaim your Nascent PC Series : Part 2

Moving forward in our new series Reclaim your Nascent PC, here I am going to share a new tip with you. Often whenever you surf internet, temporary internet files are stored in your system for quick viewing. But with increasing time, the number of these files also increases.
Further, whenever you use a program, it sometimes saves temporary information which keeps on occupying more and more space in your harddisk.
Morever, windows keeps copies of all pictures, videos and other documents thumbnails. In addition to these, whenever your system encounters any problem or error, it stores the relevant information in files for error reporting and solution checking.

The sum of all above facts is that these useless(for a normal user :D) occupied memory space can be freed without any problem. You don’t need any particular software or utility for this purpose.
Here we go in simple steps.
  • Press Win + E key or click on My Computer. Right Click on your Operating System drive (i.e. C drive commonly) and choose "Properties".

  • In Properties Dialog box, choose "Disk Cleanup" option.

  • After clicking on that button, there will an activity like below in image.It will take few seconds.

  • Now there will be shown a disk cleanup window. Check all appropriate options and click on OK button.

  • On clicking OK button, again a window will appear showing disk cleanup process.After finishing that, you are done.

This is the whole thing you have to do.
Simple!!!!!!!!!! Isn't it? :)
If you like it,leave your precious comment as feedback.
Meanwhile you 'd like to check first post of this Series out.

See you Soon. Till then Enjoy your Nascent PC. :-)

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