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HULK vs IRONMAN : The Ultimate Showdown (Avengers : Age of Ultron)

via MTV

And when I am writing this, I am having goosebumps after watching this onscreen duel between Hulk and Ironman. Avengers : Age of Ultron is about to smash theaters badly on 24 March and there are already 3 trailers and 4 TV spots out. These are more than enough for any Sci-fi moviegoer to get excited for the movie. But wait, there is a cherry on the cake. ;-)

MTV has released an exclusive movie cut-scene to make things more exciting and let me tell you this is just insane. You are just about to book a first day first show for the movie (In case you take sick leave from work ;-) )

So here is the awesomeness filled cutscene which is just a kick off of an even bigger fighting sequence (as quoted by MTV).


Pheww!!!!! I don't want to be there when these beasts are fighting. DO TELL US in comments how did you feel after watching this breathtaking cutscene.

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