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ONEPLUS : A Strong contender for the other big shots

1      The Introduction

The tagline for the company since the first day of the run was “NEVER SETTLE” which shouts with the sound of customers for not accepting the lower quality products with a HIGH price tag, just because the company tag was older than a customer’s age or they have fancy showrooms.
Company had clear intentions of banging the market with the product which can change the mind of people who think that only a well-placed brand can provide the products that can be relied upon.
High quality with the price tag as low as with any in the class, Oneplus is striving hard to put the customer experience at its first priority.
Quoting the CEO’s words: "we will never be different just for the sake of being different. Everything done has to improve the actual user experience in day-to-day use.
Moving ahead with an optimist approach, Oneplus launched its first product on 23rd April, 2014: ONEPLUS- ONE.

2      The First Product

OnePlus One, the first product of the company with so big ambitions and a very tough path ahead. As in the age of IPHONES and SAMSUNGS, OnePlus One needs to have that attraction point for which the customers could trust a newly built CHINESE Company and could also come up to the standards of its vision.

The Specs of the phone says it all… Launched with a mind blowing Qualcomm MSM8974AC Snapdragon 801 chipset with a Quad-core 2.5 GHz Krait 400 CPU and Adreno 330 GPU to provide optimum performance and smooth run through all the heavy gamers and multiple activists. The Phone boasts a 3 GB of RAM, at the time when the other high end smartphones used to provide 1 GB phones at this same price. A 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution display, a large 3100 mAh battery and 13 MP rear camera was just the Icing on the cake. The Software also defines highly modifiable interface and a step up version of Android: Cynogenmod. Cynogenmod 12 is up for download as a update to the lollipop experience.  
Surely Oneplus One was a beast under the hood, but the outer build quality also added to the commitments of Pete Lau (CEO) and company. The rugged back cover was totally new design in the segment and much easier to hold. The material defines the true build quality and also the fact that all of these surprises came under the price tag of Rs. 21, 999 for a 64 GB model. Compare it to a phone with 3/4th of the specs, and you will find the price range to be higher that the OnePlus One.

3      The Indian Verdict

It is a long time since the phone has been launched and have been a booming success in US market and even in the other parts of the world, but the entrance to the Indian market made OnePlus One to stand again to its points and show the India’s people that being a Chinese product doesn't always mean that it will be of one time use. OnePlus needs to prove a lot and they needed to get to a vast population with what they have to offer for their customers.
Chances were less and competition was spoiling the image of the Chinese manufacturers from approx. a decade now. Selling a Chinese product is like getting an independent seat in Mumbai local or catching a Metro at Rajiv Chowk Station, Delhi.
Still the product launched at with the Invite based system.
A Chinese company tag was already a bump in their success, and an invite system to get a Chinese phone made people to jump to the easily available devices. In the starting, people had to gamble in their minds and argue with their parents to get them to buy a 22K Chinese phone. With the specs and quality like this, OnePlus One must have been a IPhone Killer phone, if it would have been through a US based company or an OLD Shot like Samsung.
Still the company keeps standing to its process and people started hearing the name by some or the other person who bought the device. But the rating of the device still needs to come out and the Indian verdict for the device was needed by many persons waiting to spend their pocket money or some savings to get best in the least.
The device was a killer in its segment, even in the Indian market. It’s my experience that till date, I have not heard any of the OnePlus One owner complaining about the device and the experience they are getting, after paying a price much lower than the other smart devices. Just because it’s a Chinese company, and a new Brand doesn’t mean that it cannot provide the best customer experience and quality to live for long.
Even the after sales service was taken care of with the list of service centers opened in all the regions of the country and still counting.

After sales service is something important on which the people of India can trust and put their cash. The device is a Flagship Killer and a contender to the other hot shots in the market.
Reviews, ratings come and go, many of the flagship smartphones were launched after this. Till date, I could find people checking the review and just dropping the idea of buying the phone just because it’s Chinese/New Company. My advice will be, just go and check out the device with any of its owner and ask for the review. The rest is obviously the matter of choice and the liking for the design and structure.

4      Conclusion

In the end, Ofcource there might be number of reviews and ratings on the Web and people might or might not like the device. It totally depends on what actually is the need of the people.

Catch you later!!! And yes…

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