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So what is the difference between kbps and KBps?

With this post I am starting Tech-Jargon series which will give you a brief overview of terminology and concepts in simple manner.
Often I find many of my friends and juniors confusing between the dataspeed i.e. kbps and KBps. Firstly the important question arises whether there is any difference between these two terms?
For your surprise the answer is YES.
Before going into explanation let’s make few terms clear to feel the thing.
b = bit (the most basic unit a computer handles)
B = byte (1 byte = 8 bits)
K = 1,024 ; k= 1,000
so now I think , many things are pretty much clear. In normal adaption both “K” and “k” are considered as same because “K” is recently introduced and faces low adoption (also there is not much difference in both).
So the basic difference is clear by their full form that are "kbps/Kbps - kilobits per second" and "kBps/KBps - KiloBytes per second".
Whenever any ISP claims to provide the data transfer speed in Mbps it simply means Megabits per second. In other words, for a 1Mbps broadband connection, it will take minimum 8 seconds (1000/125KBps) to download a 1 MB (megabyte) file from the internet. Most Broadband companies define 1K as 1,000 and not as 1,024 which is the used for computing. So next time you are looking in to your internet speed do keep this in mind.

General Transformation of Speed

so the overall general conclusion is that whenever you have speed in Mbps or mbps,
 divide that by 8 and that will be your original downloading speed.
I hope you have made your doubts clear and enjoyed this info-ride.
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